With the biannual Award, the foundation aims to both valorize and promote the work of Italian and international artists, designers, and makers operating in the field of ceramics today. It is dedicated to growing connections across disciplines, practices, geographies, and generations, engaging with the latest, and most innovative research being undertaken in order to enlarge and, indeed, enrich ceramics appreciation.
It believes that ceramics play a vital role in culture, and culture enables us to better understand the world in which we live and act. The purpose of our Award is thus twofold: on the one hand it exalts ceramics in the contemporary creative field, and on the other, provides space for a multitude of reflections on the “current state of things,” on our everyday lives, and ultimately upon the arts and culture understood as an evolving arena that encompasses art, design, and craftsmanship.
For the 5th edition applicants are invited to focus on the notions attached to “(un)known territories,” and present ceramic projects that investigate practices that delve into a territory which is not already constituted but open—subject and object of a process of transformation in continuous becoming, or rather, an infinite stratification of cultural meanings and a narrative device for individual and collective stories.

  • The online application opens in May 2023 and the deadline to apply is October 2023
  • The first prize is 10,000 €
  • Diverse collateral prizes are given at each edition of the Award
  • An exhibition displaying the work of the finalists will take place on the occasion of the opening of the new Fondazione Officine Saffi spaces in February 2024.


Applications will open in May 2023