Unurgent Argilla - Ardeche

height: 21.5 cm
Ø 22 cm

About the artist

Nina Salsotto Cassina (b. 1989, Cuneo) was born and grew up in Piedmont, near the Maritime Alps. After studying economics in Milan and then moving to London to specialise in international politics, she began her career working as a consultant for a number of tertiary sector organisations, operating in the United States, Europe and China.
From her home base in London, she began to develop an interest in clay and ceramics, eventually founding Unurgent Argilla, a project combining research and art practices with the objective of constructing a vocabulary of natural materials.
Self-taught, she mainly works on the lathe. Her works have been published in ceramic reviews and exhibited in various European galleries and museums. In 2022, she moved permanently to Milan, where she dedicates all her time to research.