Wall mounted Charger

61 cm

About the artist

Claudi Casanovas was born in Barcelona in 1956, into a family of great artistic traditions that had a notable influence on his development. His paternal grandfather Enric Casanovas was a sculptor, while his grandfather on his mother’s side, Raman Sarsanedas, was an enamellist. In 1959 the family moved to Olot in Catalonia, and today Casanovas lives in Riudaura, where he also has his workshop. He came into contact with the world of ceramics by attending the workshop of master ceramist Marià Oliveras, and the municipal school of Fine Arts in Olot. He completed his training at the atelier of artist Joan Carrillo, and later at those of Jaume Told and Kim Montsalvatge.In 1976 he took part in the foundation of the Cooperative Coure, a group whose activities include the organization of “Japan Summer 86,” a residence exchange with a number of Japanese ceramists. It was on this occasion that he met Ryoji Koie, with whom he would retain a close professional relationship throughout the course of his career. From 1988, his works were regularly exhibited at Galerie Besson in London.In 1992, he won first prize at the Mino international competition, Japan. In 2004, he made a monument commemorating the victims of the Franco regime, commissioned by the municipality of Olot. In 2012, he exhibited a series of etchings titled “La Calma,” in Girona.His works have been shown in many museums all over the world. His most recent international exhibitions include shows at the Roman Museum of Nyon in Switzerland, the Ostend Contemporary Art Museum in Belgium, and a solo show at Galleria Officine Saffi, Milan.