ceramic, glaze
36 x 38 cm

About the artist

"I look at color as a form of light, while in the two dimensional work I use color to delineate and organize space. The color becomes the defining factor in whether we see a three dimensional space or a two dimensional one. Both types of work question the way we perceive space in different contexts, one through illusionary flattening or the highlighting of three dimensional surface, the other through the creation of depth in a two dimensional surface. The shapes present in the three dimensional pieces reference a certain kind of geology while also creating a tension with the organic lumps. Their surfaces broken up by the stark white lines is meant to distort form and perception of form. The wall pieces are made of broken shards of discarded work, but contain whole compositions, contrasting rough edges with finished surfaces. In both form and surface I’m seeking tension". John Shea graduated with a BFA from the School for American Crafts at RIT in Rochester, NY in 2011. He recently graduated with a MFA at the University of Wisconsin - Madison and he is currently a Visiting Lecturer at Hamilton College in Clinton, NY.