Large Sculptural Vessel

33 x 54 cm

About the artist

Takiguchi, born and raised in Kyoto, studied with the famous potter Kiyomizu Rokubei followed by a brief time with Yagi Kazuo, one of the founders of the Sodeisha ceramic group in Kyoto whose members took a path in opposition to the folk art or craft movement, known as Mingei, as well as opposing, ironically, the aesthetic inherited from the tea masters in which rusticity and naturalness were the lynch pins.
Non-functionality in ceramic art was not only a goal but at the center of their credo. Also Takiguchi’s work appears more abstract than functional, in keeping with the Sodeisha creed. The torn open walls of the vases are perhaps the way of breaking out of this mind set, as it produced a functioning vessel.Years later he also studied at the Royal College of Arts, London, graduating in 1992.
His works are in major museum collections in Japan and around the world.