stoneware, glaze
38 x 30 x 30 cm

About the artist

Born and raised on the island of clay and granite, Bornholm, Denmark (1973), Christina Schou Christensen was exposed to both factory production and studio pottery as a child.She played in the kaolin pits behind her child home, heard the explosions of the granite quarrys and was a child worker at the local pottery. This seems to have affected her urge to explore the ceramic materials. She is now living and working in a shared studio in Copenhagen – exhibiting world wide and teaches at a various design schools.

Her main focus is the experimenting with glaze viscosity.She explores the possibilities of the glaze as a malleable mass. The final design of her pieces are out of her control, since it happens at the highest temperatures in the kiln. The objects are a result of pure ‘laboratory experiments’, where she gets to know the behaviour of the glaze. These experiments turned out to have formgiving qualities that she still is pushing to the limits and develops.