Officine Saffi presents Magazzino (Warehouse), an exhibition of recent works displayed for the first time at the gallery.
This group show arises from the simple desire to exhibit stunning ceramic works while summarizing the gallery’s path and artistic research.Behind each object on display lies the story of an artist who has spent years developing a specific technique or a particular glaze or varying his kiln temperature by a few degrees.
Each work carries with it a world of technique, conceptual research and obsession.

The exhibition brings together 14 artists for an international overview of contemporary ceramics:

Roger Coll, Mia E Göransson, Morten Espersen, Kazuhito Nagasawa, Irina Razumovskaya, Daniel Reynolds, Gippeum Roh, Anders Ruhwald, Koie Ryoji, Christina Schou Christensen, Zsolt József Simon, Kazuo Takiguchi, Kati Tuominen-Niittylä, Kaja Upelj.