Between the peaks of the Engadine, Officine Saffi presents two region-specific projects.
For White-ish in the first room, the gallery has commissioned its artists new works related to the landscape and the colors of the mountains. The danish artist Morten Løbner Espersen presents “Horror Vacui”, whose surface decoration is inspired by the nuances of dawn and sunset over the snow-capped mountains.
Both Mia E. Göransson and Päivi Rintaniemi have created new works without any trace of color in order to focuson the shape and surface of nature. The young Russian artist Irina Razumovskaya imitates birch bark with layers of clays and glazes, while Kaja Upelj’s works play with the sensuality of glass and the viewer’s perception.
In Objects from the Body for the Body the Danish artist Anders Herwald Ruhwald presents a living space in which ceramic is structural as well as decorative. Seats, lamps and sculptures come together in an abstract and sensual domestic landscape in which every object can be experienced both as a sculpture and as furniture.