Visit to the exhibition and raw clay modeling demonstration with Nina Salsotto Cassina.
Saturday 22 April 2023, 3.00 - 6.00 pm
Fondazione Officine Saffi.

Participation is free, upon registration, for a maximum of 25 participants.
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On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2023, Fondazione Officine Saffi opens its lab doors welcoming the public to participate in a close encounter with the experimental practice on natural clays of artist and designer Nina Salsotto Cassina. The event, part of the exhibition Unurgent Argilla, will take participants into the storytelling and a practical demonstration about the possibility of a new mapping and narrative of the territory through clay practice. 

Within the exhibition, Salsotto Casina will dialogue with the public by presenting the works made with soils she collected in over thirteen natural clay deposits. The storytelling of the exhibition will be an a great opportunity to explore the reasons that have suggested Salsotto Cassina to return the creative act to the same territory of the material with which it is made, working in direct contact with clay in the context of natural stratification where this can be collected.The visit, accompanied by the illustration of the researches materials and, will lead in the lab spaces with a practical demonstration which aims to restore this dimension of "listening" and storytelling of the territory through the various stages of clay’s processing. Previously studied through specific tests, the artist will in fact select two samples of natural clays differing in chemical and mineralogical composition, thus showing the public how to wheel -model vases that preserve the uniqueness of the physical properties of the land which inspired their creation.