From 17 July to 30 September the solo exhibition of Anders Herwald Ruhwald – The Body the Mind this Constructed World – will be at the Asger Jorn House Museum in Albissola Marina.

Colour, form and function are just three of the main research axes that Ruhwald explored over an entire year (2017), before creating twelve sculptures conceived and created to dialogue with the imaginative architecture of Jorn's house and garden.

Among the many qualities that characterize the artist's research, we could point out his ability to explore the changing forms of sculpture in relation to the environment, activating at the same time a conceptual process linked to semantic displacement, media short-circuit and reflective investigation towards the viewer.

Compared to the legacy of previous currents that have certainly influenced Ruhwald's work (minimalism above all), he does not renounce an aesthetic of color-form well contested between the voluptuous and the scatological. The training that took place between his native Denmark and London, and the definitive transfer to the United States, to Detroit, where he directed the Department of Ceramics at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, undoubtedly influenced his career.

Anders Ruhwald is one of the hundred artists included in the volume Phaidon Vitamin C (2017), a publication which, similarly to the previous ones dedicated to other hot topics of contemporary art, reports a "global survey of the most important artists who work today with the 'clay and pottery”.

The exhibition, curated by the artistic director of Casa Museo Jorn, Luca Bochicchio, is produced by Officine Saffi with the support of the Danish Arts Foundation, the patronage of the Municipality of Albissola Marina, and with the contribution of the Amici di Casa Jorn Association.