On Tuesday 28 March, Officine Saffi will inaugurate the first solo show in Italy by Swedish artist Mia E Göransson (b. 1961). The exhibition presents a voyage through the artist's fascinating ecosystems – rocks, cacti, small planets, metaphysical architecture – deriving from the collision between the soft organic forms of life and the discipline of geometry.

The organisms inhabiting Mia E Göransson's landscapes recall natural forms, fragmented and reassembled, in

a New Nature that both hides and reveals the geometrical structures underlying the laws of nature, those lines, vortices and trajectories that plants follow in their development and growth, according to invisible, eternal harmonic relationships.

The use of colour and the application of geometries with a greater or lesser degree of irregularity leads to abstraction, something that is increasingly part of the artist's area of operation. Some of her objects could have fallen out of a painting by Kandinsky, and could lead back to the simplicity of the circle, triangle and square, but there is always something that adds complication, enriching them, interrupting the banality of everyday life and permitting the discovery of an enjoyable taste in creation, in liberating forms and giving shape to unusual objects.The most complex installations, on several different levels and under transparent display cases, include such unusual objects as to provoke surprise and interest every time you see them. In this sense Mia E Göransson is a visionary, a dreamer, with hints of a playful form of design. Her works could be children’s games, or small models of enigmatic cities of the future. By performing a process of abstraction on surrounding nature, the artist creates a new nature, deconstructed, concrete, solid, in the form of real objects.*

*Text by Antonio Grulli